• What is our turnaround time?
    All in-town calls (Brantford, Kitchener, Waterloo and Cambridge) received before 5 p.m. are guaranteed the next business day. If any calls cannot be completed, you or your office will be notified as to when you can expect them to be done.

  • Do you supply the metal frame for my sign?
    Yes we do, but If you have your own frames we can store them as you receive a $4 discount on install price.

  • Do you store my signs and if so what is the cost?
    Yes. We will store all of your signs, riders, frames and hardware at no extra cost.

  • How do you get my signs? Is there a pick up fee?
    We charge a nominal fee of $15 to pick up your signs.

  • What is the service schedule for installations and removals?
    Drivers work Monday thru Friday and complete installs in order.

  • What are your methods of payment?
    Visa, Mastercard or E-transfer payment methods are preferred.

  • How do you determine the placement of signs at properties?
    Our posts are always placed in the most visible area of the yard to get maximum exposure for your sign. Let us know in advance of any obstacles that we may encounter so we may come prepared to deal with them. Corner properties will have the post installed at the corner on a 45 degree angle for visibility to both streets unless two posts are ordered.

  • Should I be concerned about city by-laws?
    We stay current on all the bylaws regarding signage in the areas we service.

  • Will my signs fit on your posts?
    All of our posts are a standard size - a 60" upright with a 41" foot cross arm.

  • Can I pre-order a sign installation and/or post-date a sign removal?
    We prefer that! By ordering early, it will ensure that the sign gets installed the day your listing comes out. Post dating a removal request means that your sign is gone before the new owners move in. Closing dates are very important! The vast majority of lost posts and signs occur when the buyers take possession and leave them on the curb for the first garbage day.

  • How can I keep track of my sign inventory? What if I run out?
    Don't worry. We will keep track of your inventory. You will be notified when you are running low on signs, not when you are out. If you need to order new, we will gladly put you in touch with the right people.

  • Would you send confirmation when a sign has been installed / removed?
    Yes! If we have your email address on file, you will get a confirmation of the order that we enter into our system. This allows you to confirm that we have understood your order correctly. You will also receive an e-mail when the order has been completed.

  • What happens when you are closed for the holidays and I need your services?
    Knowing that we observe all civic holidays, this can help you anticipate a delay in our service. Although we do close down for an extended period over the Christmas season, your office will be notified well in advance of the exact dates. There is still service during this time, but it is at a minimum. Keep in mind that during all down time, we still monitor all calls that come through our office.

  • Will there be any damage to my client's property during installation or removal?
    There is no digging required. The only 'damage' is two small holes in the lawn to facilitate the metal T-bars holding the post - even these will be tamped down to fill in after the post comes out. As for gardens and landscaping, our installers will always tread lightly and carefully. Although we do consider ourselves 'Superinstallers' we don't have x-ray vision. Plant bulbs that haven't broken ground are at risk of being damaged. Also at risk are sprinkler systems. We always look for sprinkler heads and try our best to stay away from the areas that their underground pipes would travel. Please try and keep us informed if any such systems exist at your listings.

  • Why are there two charges on my invoice for the same property?
    If the call takes two trips to complete, a second charge for that property will appear on your invoice as a 'service call'. This may be due to a vendor refusing the original install; incorrect address given; adding extenders; or is most often the case with removals, having the post or sign locked in the garage.

  • What happens to my sold riders after you remove my signs?
    We can deal with this any number of ways. Typically the sold will remain on the sign, until your next listing, where it will then be left on the porch, in the mailbox, or in between the front doors. We can also co-ordinate with you and just take the post and sign, leaving the sold rider at the property for you to retrieve on your own. Lastly, we can just allow them to accumulate and then band them together and deliver to your home or office. This is a courtesy that you will not be billed for.

  • Could I get you to pick up my lock box?
    Absolutely! We are going to be at the property anyway. Just advise your seller to remove the key (don't forget to give us your code!) We will treat the lock box the same as your sold riders (see above).

  • Are there any contracts or service agreements I need to sign?
    None whatsoever. As a service provider, our goal is to keep you as happy as we can. If we ever fail in achieving that goal, you as a client should be free to seek out alternatives any time you see fit.

  • I have a very picky client. Will my sign be clean and hung from a nice looking post?
    (Aren't they all?) Your signs and riders are cleaned before and after each listing. Sold stickers are removed by heat gun and our best efforts go intro graffiti removal. We will always choose the nicest sign you have in stock. All of our posts and steel bars are painted in our warehouse. They are then completely repainted on site year round (weather permitting). Does this sound like we're being too fussy? Maybe, but we wouldn't put up a sign that I wouldn't have on my own front lawn.

  • I am taking over someone else's listing and their sign is still there!
    If we arrive at your listing and another company's sign is still standing, we will gladly remove it and leave to the side of the house for retrieval.

  • i prefer to hold onto all of my signs. How can we arrange for installs and removals?
    Simply call for a post only to be installed and let us know you will be hanging your own sign. We will leave open hooks for you to secure. Alternately, you may also leave your sign at the property and we will hang it for you. In both instances, we will remove your sign and leave it for you to pick up when we take down the post. Please mind the post if you hang your own signs, that paint may still be wet! (All of our paint is latex and does come out with warm water and soap as long as it does not have the chance to dry)

    >I usually put up my own signs, however the ground is too hard / frozen. Could you install my frame and sign?
    No problems there. We know how hard the ground can get in the middle of summer or the dead of winter. Simply leave your sign and frame at the subject property where our driver can easily access them. If you require just the install and plan on removing it yourself, you will only be billed for a service call. However if we have to return and remove it for you, you will be billed for the second trip (service call).

  • There is no lawn at my listing. How will you install my sign?
    We can solve this problem in a variety of ways, from going directly through the asphalt, to removing Unilock stones, to attaching the post directly on a fence or railing. If there are no other options open, we can use one of our unique 'free standing' post holders. These are weighted bases that will accommodate a post or metal frame and it will sit on top of parking pads and concrete yards. There is an additional fee for use of these holders and will show on your invoice as a 'custom base'. (all applications are visible in our photo gallery)

  • My sign was vandalized. Should I just replace it?
    We have many sign friendly solvents to aid us in removing graffiti. If the sign is too far gone, we do suggest keeping it for future use on wall installs or backyard fences (The damage is typically done to one side only).

  • I have spent a lot of money on my signs. How can I be sure that you will take good care of them?
    We take extra care with all of our agents signs - be it in our warehouse (we store them all separately in their own racks), during transportation ( bundled tight between carpeted boards) or at the listing (secured by the top and side grommets to prevent wind damage). Those that are overly concerned always have the option of handling the signs themselves and just have us install the posts and hooks.

  • There is a lot of landscaping and some hedges at my listing. Will this be a problem for you?
    We encounter lots of obstacles when at properties, shrubs and hedges are just some of them. If the post needs to be raised minimally (i.e. a foot or two) there is no extra charge. However if the post needs to be raised several feet, a surcharge will be applied. This shows on your invoice as an 'raised post install'. Please let us know in advance of any obstacles that we may encounter so we may come prepared to deal with them.

  • Oops! I forgot to call down the sign and the new owners threw it out. Will I be charged for the post?
    Unfortunately you will be charged for full replacement value of the post. Always try and monitor the closing dates of your listings so that we can take the signs down before the new owners move in. We realize how important it is that the sold sign stays up for as long as possible, but keep in mind that you will also lose your sign and any riders.

  • Can I put my sold stickers on your post instead of my sign?
    We would rather you didn't. The stickers are really meant to cover the 'for sale' portion of your sign. When the sign comes back to our shop, we remove all stickers with a heat gun. This method will not ruin your sign. However, if the stickers are applied to our post, it renders it useless to use at the next listing (what if that next listing is yours?). We suggest buying sold riders. They can be reused over and over again and will pay for themselves in no time. When you do purchase them, be sure to write your name on them in permanent marker to prevent loss or theft.

  • I have additional charges on a property that has been up for months. What am I being charged for?
    After 90 days, your term for a normal install has come up. For each additional month the post remains up we charge a rental fee. It will show up on your invoice as an 'extended loan'. This charge also helps as a reminder to call down any expired listings that you may have.